Regularly viewing porn

could eventually lead to Porn Addiction

and possibly ruin your life.

We provide an excellent and powerful tool to help men and teens overcome their constant desire to look at pornography

Men's Painful Secret

A Self-Help eBook titled, "Men's Painful Secret - Winning The Battle For Purity(revised)"

This eBook was created to help men and teens who are having difficulties with stopping to look at porn. Although many men and teens think it's OK to look at porn there are many others who are finding themselves fixated with porn and are not able to stop looking at it. Daily, they need to indulge and are therefore finding their time and energy is being wasted away. Some of these men and teens have become addicted to porn and just can't stop. But they want to be set free from porn.

This eBook is a good introduction on how to begin the process of being set free from pornography. It has many thought provoking questions to answer and steps one can take to stop looking at porn. It doesn't guarantee immediate success as this new drug - pornography - can take time to overcome. The "porn pleasure pathways" in the brain need to be dismantled. This eBook will help you do this. This eBook is not religious, is Christian in nature, and does not put any guilt upon the reader.


The author, Al Gentleman, has been a Professional Life Coach and Mentor for over nine years. He resides in Australia and presents seminars and workshops throughout Australia and SE Asia.